Rock Maple Racing regional cross country series up for sale

Rock Maple Racing regional cross country series up for sale
Opportunity to take over the helm available for 2020-21

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HAMPSTEAD, New Hampshire (Apr. 27, 2020) — An opportunity for those who may consider carrying on a longtime tradition of fun-filled yet competitive snowmobile racing here in the northeast has presented itself in the spring of 2020. 

Rock Maple Racing, the regional sanctioning body for cross country snowmobile racing in this part of the country, is for sale. Due to other business concerns which now require more time than ever, the current owners feel that they can no longer give RMR the proper attention it needs moving forward. 

“We had a great run the last five winters, but our main business, KTM Exteriors and Recycling, is growing to the point where we no longer have the time to do it right,” RMR owner and president Tara Saxton said. “Yet we’re very proud of the strong relationships we built with our host sites, racers and series partners.