Breakfast Spots in White Mountains: More than Just Three to Try

Greetings, breakfast enthusiasts! If there’s one meal that sets the tone for your day, it’s undoubtedly breakfast. If you happen to be near White Mountains, you’re in for some delightful morning treats. Initially, we intended to list just three breakfast restaurants in our segment, aptly titled “Three to Try”. But guess what? We’re rule breakers! So, let’s dive right into a more extensive list of must-visit breakfast spots, as discussed with our panelists, Chelsea and Hans.

1. Valley Originals:
The Valley Originals stands for the spirit of the White Mountains with its unique and original offerings. Comprising over 20 independently owned and operated restaurants, it provides a perfect blend of unique flavors and a true experience of what makes the Mount Washington Valley so special.

  • J-Town Deli in Jackson: Nestled in the northern end of the valley, this spot offers everything from breakfast sandwiches, burritos, and bowls to avocado toast and a variety of coffee and espresso drinks. It’s a great pit stop if you’re planning to visit attractions like Story Land, White Mountain National Forest, or Jackson falls.
  • Priscilla’s in North Conway: An all-day breakfast gem. Whether you’re an early riser or a late brunch enthusiast, Priscilla’s has got you covered.
  • The Cider Company Market in Glenn: Apart from their irresistible cider donuts, they offer breakfast sandwiches, pastries, fresh cider, and gourmet foods. For dinner, check out the gourmet offerings at the White Mountain Cider Company.
  • 302 Smokehouse in Freiburg: Craving for Sunday brunch? This is the place to be!
  • Woodstock Inn Brewery: Known for its delectable beers, this establishment serves up hearty breakfast and lunch. From local free-range eggs to home fries and homemade toast, they promise a full-fledged, flavorful breakfast experience.

Other Noteworthy Mentions:
North Conway’s Peaches and Stairway Cafe deserve a shoutout. The latter, in particular, is renowned for its unique specials in a cozy setting.

To sum it up, the White Mountains area is a treasure trove for breakfast lovers. From traditional delights to modern twists, there’s something for every palate. So the next time you’re in the vicinity, ensure you start your day on the right (and delicious) note!