Discovering the Seasons with Greatland Trails and Mount Washington Auto Road

Autumn, with its stunning array of colors and crisp air, is rapidly approaching, and in the White Mountains, it promises to be an enchanting spectacle. Recently, I had the privilege of sitting down in the North Conway studio with the vibrant team from Greatland Trails and the Mount Washington Auto Road: Lisa McCoy and Megan Moody Schwarz. The insights they shared give us all a reason to celebrate the changing seasons.

Transitioning from Summer to Fall

As we move from the sunny days of summer to the cooler, colorful moments of fall, Pinkham Notch prepares to showcase its seasonal beauty. Lisa enthused about the famous New Hampshire foliage visible from the Mount Washington Auto Road, mentioning the fantastic phenomenon of ‘snage’, where the gradient of fall leaves meets the occasional snow at higher peaks. This creates a mesmerizing canvas of colors for the visitors, promising a different scenic experience every day.

When to Witness the Peak Foliage

With peak foliage varying from one location to another, even within the White Mountains, Megan recommends visiting, which offers a foliage tracker to help tourists plan their visit. Typically, for the Mount Washington Auto Road, the first and second weeks of October are ideal. However, the entirety of the season offers spectacular views worth witnessing.

Kayaking, Biking, and Camping Adventures

Despite the onset of fall, summer adventures continue at the Greatland Trails Outdoor Center. Megan highlighted various kayaking trips they’ve recently launched. From half-day wildlife tours to full-day adventures, and whitewater kayaking clinics, there’s something for everyone. Furthermore, camping in the fall is a remarkable experience, with trips that include guided excursions, food, camping gear, and more.

Mountain biking enthusiasts will be thrilled to know that bike rentals continue throughout the fall. The trails are captivating, leading to the stunning Angel cabin in the woods, promising a delightful blend of exercise and nature appreciation.

Upcoming Events and Deals

The duo shared their excitement about the upcoming events at Greatland Trails and the Mount Washington Auto Road. Their fall running and walking series, starting on September 7th, promises to be a community affair, culminating with a potluck and awards ceremony.

The “Muster in the Mountains” event, a free colonial reenactment experience, gives visitors a unique glimpse into the past. From blacksmiths crafting traditional tools to Civil War and Revolutionary War cannon demonstrations, it’s a step back in time, allowing everyone to appreciate the rich history of the White Mountains.

Additionally, Greatland Trails is known for its fantastic deals on their rental fleet, from cruiser bikes to kayaks. With the winter season on the horizon, Lisa reminded listeners to grab their season passes before December 1st for a discount. Their winter open house in November promises great gear at excellent prices, and the season kicks off with a craft fair on Small Business Saturday after Thanksgiving.

A Seasonal Invitation

Lisa and Megan’s shared sentiment was clear: every season offers its own unique charm, making the Greatland Trails and the Mount Washington Auto Road worth visiting time and again. Their passion and dedication to providing unforgettable experiences to their visitors shine through. So, whether you’re a local or planning a trip to New Hampshire, seize the moment, and immerse yourself in the beauty and activities that these places have to offer.