Foliage time! Visiting Great Glen Trails and the Mt Washington Auto Road in Fall

Discovering the Seasons with Greatland Trails and Mount Washington Auto Road

Autumn, with its stunning array of colors and crisp air, is rapidly approaching, and in the White Mountains, it promises to be an enchanting spectacle. Recently, I had the privilege of sitting down in the North Conway studio with the vibrant team from Greatland Trails and the Mount Washington Auto Road: Lisa McCoy and Megan Moody Schwarz. The insights they shared give us all a reason to celebrate the changing seasons.


3 popular swimming spots in the White Mountains

Three Popular Swimming Holes in the White Mountains: Dive into Nature!

As summer heats up, nothing compares to the refreshing embrace of a natural swimming hole. The White Mountains offer an array of picturesque spots, each with its unique charm, to help you escape the scorching sun and cool down. This week, we’ve got “Three to Try” for you. But before we dive in (pun intended!), an important reminder: these aren’t your typical swimming pools. Natural water levels fluctuate due to various weather conditions. So, always ensure safety first and consult with officials if you’re unsure about current conditions.