3 easy family hikes in the White Mountains

Top Family-Friendly Hikes in the White Mountains

Embarking on a hiking adventure is a delightful way to bond as a family. For beginners or families with young children, the key is choosing the right trails. It’s crucial that these early experiences are positive, so youngsters feel a sense of accomplishment and can truly appreciate the beauty that nature offers.


Favorite breakfast restaurants in the White Mountains

Breakfast Spots in White Mountains: More than Just Three to Try

Greetings, breakfast enthusiasts! If there’s one meal that sets the tone for your day, it’s undoubtedly breakfast. If you happen to be near White Mountains, you’re in for some delightful morning treats. Initially, we intended to list just three breakfast restaurants in our segment, aptly titled “Three to Try”. But guess what? We’re rule breakers! So, let’s dive right into a more extensive list of must-visit breakfast spots, as discussed with our panelists, Chelsea and Hans.