Quad County Snowmolible Club

Web: http://www.quadcounty.org

President: Kevin O’Brien – lowbed550@yahoo.com
V-President: Lil Caret – lilcaret@fairpoint.net
Secretary: Cheryl Kroemer – clkroemer@yahoo.com
Treasurer: Betty Averill- TayZac_43@yahoo.com
Trail Master: Mark Cobb – Mcobb@accidentinspection.com
Registered Agent: Betty Averill – TayZac_43@yahoo.com
Safety Officer: Wil Rafuse – lilcaret@fairpoint.net
MSA Director: James Doms – jimd@pivot.net
MSA Director: Kyle O’Brien – koo_81@hotmail.com

Quad County Snowmolible Club
P. O. Box 45
Springfield, ME 04487

The Quad County Snowmobile Club is headquartered in Springfield in extreme southeastern Penobscot County. The club maintains and grooms 130 miles of snowmobile trails in seven towns and/or townships linking Washington, Hancock, Penobscot and Aroostook counties. Our Municipal Trails include ITS Connector Trail 105 (formerly Trails 5 & 5A) which link ITS 84 from the south through Springfield to Danforth on the north. ITS Connector Trail 110 (Formerly Trail 3) begins at ITS 105 in Kossuth and links to ITS 81 in Mattawamkeag through Wytopitlock in Southern Aroostook County. The region receives an average annual snowfall of over 100 inches. The 130 miles of trail run through some of the most beautiful and sparsely populated areas of the state.

Trail Map

Maine Snowmobile Laws